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Home Finances Tracking System

Z-Money is my product which you can enjoy for free.


How It Works?

Sign Up

It takes only 1 or 2 minutes. There are no personal or banking data required.

Sign In

Get started using complete functionality of Z-Money Accounting System.

Enter Transactions

You enter all the details you want to analyze and Z-Money do the rest.

Review and Update

Get a comprehensive picture of your complete budget through the dashboard.

View Reports and Charts

View extended reports, charts and graphs that display cash flow details.

Track your Finances

Track your finances from day-to-day and see the changes immediately.


Easy to Use

System is fast and easy to use with perfect combination of simplicity and functionality. No special download or any software is required.

All in One Place

The dashboard displays a complete picture of your accounts in a single place showing budget status, daily and monthly cash flow with charts and graphs.

Better Budgeting

Z-Money is a web application to help you better control expenses, increase assets, and decrease debts, discover effective ways to grow income.

Upcoming transactions

No more forgetting to pay a bill or risking your credit rating. Your income and expenses are at your hands at all times.

High Security

Z-Money does not connect to your private bank accounts or require personal information, your identity is always safe and secure.

Extended Reports

Variety of reports to help you better understand and optimize the cash flow including Account Statement, Reports by Day and Date and many others.


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